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The Evolutionary

Nov 26, 2020

Chris Tomasso is a Transformational Narrative Designer and Consultant. His expertise includes gamification, storytelling, and embedding consciousness expansion in systems. He has facilitated experiential workshops with Google, Intuit and Facebook, he has consulted on holistic health and personal development apps, and he has coached via multiple energy work modalities. He graduated high school at age 12 and he has only had a 9-5 for about 3 months in his entire life. When he’s not waxing about how reality is a hologram and or spreading the message about humanity experiencing unprecedented awakening, he’s playing ultimate frisbee or body surfing waves in Hawaii. If you resonate with his message you can contact him at chris_tomasso on Twitter or via email at


Today’s episode is a little bit unique.  You see, the way these episodes normally come about is that I end up getting connected with someone who I might like to have on the show, and then i have an introductory call with them to get acquainted and see if we both would like to do the actual interview.  Then we schedule it and proceed with all the normal preparatory stuff.  


At some point pretty early on I learned that it was a good idea to record those initial meetings on zoom so that I could go back and listen to them again while preparing for the interviews.  This allows me to be more present in those conversations because I don't have to take notes.  


So I got on this initial call with Chris and at some point I realized that if we were to have an interview I would just want him to say all of the stuff that he just said, so by the end of our chat we both decided that, since I was recording, that the interview was already just happened.  So this not only a recording of our introductory chat, it's also a really fun interview and a 2 parter at that!  However, one consequence of doing it this way is that, since neither of us were thinking this would be an episode, it's a little more gritty than the normal episode, with a more casual tone and a lot more explicatives.  So hopefully it is not too spicy for you!