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The Evolutionary

May 26, 2024

Tiffany is a death doula, grief tender, ceremonialist, and transition fairy. She is dedicated to supporting others in reclaiming the fullness of life through facing the portal of death. Her business, Hallowed Harvest End of Life Doulas, supports individuals and their families at end of life to have a consciously embodied experience of the final days and beyond. She and her husband Bryce Gill, (also one of my favorite people and also featured recently on the show) host Cacao Ceremony/Death Salons in person all over the Western US. Tiffany is passionate in holding grief rituals wherein we all may invite our grief out of the shadows and into the light. Her first book, Life in Technicolor: Embracing Death in Modern Times, is currently being constructed inside of her exquisite mind, and, her and Bryce’s podcast Hard Joy will be released this summer (available wherever you get your podcasts)!

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