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The Evolutionary

Jan 7, 2021

Nadi Hana Part 2: Channelling, Letting Go, and The Archturian Message (S1:E43)

In this episode we get to finish our two part conversation with artist, teacher, geometrist, and as you’ll learn today, channel for The Archturians, Nadi Hana. 

Nadi is a Portland-based artist, teacher and geometrist. She has been sharing her knowledge about Sacred Geometry, Crop Formations and Human Consciousness through public presentations since 2015.  

Nadi is an instructor of drawing Sacred Geometry at Portland Community College, and she offers group classes and private instruction. 

She has been a crop circle enthusiast since 2010.  Since then, the advanced technologies of the formations have activated her capacity to be of planetary service in humanity's collective evolution.   

She currently offers international calls sharing the intelligence and technologies of Advanced Civilizations and Galactic Councils.  She shares transmissions for the activation of human consciousness, including channeled information, access codes to DNA activation,  and neural pathway reconstruction and Light Language.

Nadi’s passion to be of service in the Collective Awakening of humanity manifests in her artwork and teaching the intelligence of our Galactic Community.

Learn more about Nadi and her work at