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The Evolutionary

Dec 25, 2020

Join me for an in-depth conversation with La Laurrien, Artist, visionary, and co-founder of the intentional community, Atlan!  

La Laurrien has spent her life creating in this world: Creating Businesses, Creating Community, and Creating Art…

Her spiritual practices include medicines and Meditation, Yoga, Ayahuasca Shamanism, Hindu Tantra, and Living Life as Art.

As an artist she has spent many years making ceramics, painting, batik, henna and photography. As a writer she has focused on the formation of new words also known as Word Magic……She has created a playful website called MirrOracle (which is beautiful i must say) and it includes art and writing, and is like taking a journey into the Mystery of words and the visual arts.


La is also one of the founding members of an Intentional Community called Atlan.  Situated in the Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest, Atlan is an emergent and experimental Village and Learning Center that is building culture on a foundation of gratitude, reverence and the celebration of life.  

She is also one of the founders of CultureSeed, a non-profit that is assisting under-served youth in their area.  She also produces a salon called Mystery Loves Company. 

A very strong passion of hers throughout this life has been her interest in ExtraTerrestrials and The Galactic Family.  She has found myself questioning everything that our culture says is true, and I am right there with her….

See some of La' work at