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The Evolutionary

May 3, 2024

As always we start with Good News and Fresh Perspectives: Giving intelligent people reason to be optimistic regarding the trajectory of humanity. This episode was focused on resonant frequency technologies. Dalai shared how stoked she is on her new device for well being called the Healy which has over 100 different frequencies it can send into your body via various attachments or modes that are designed each to evoke a different beneficial state. Dalai and a few of my other friends swear by it. I shared about a new technology called Hystertripsy. Approved by the FDA for treatment of cancerous tumors, this tech sends pulses of very high frequency electromagnetic energy into a specific area and kills the cells in that area. More durrable structures line arteries and veins are not destroyed. It is a completely non-invasive, outpatient procedure and results in tumors being destroyed with surgical accuracy. Its only for liver tumors currently but there are plans for renal and pancreatic cancer treatments soon, and more to follow. HystoSonics is one company that is now selling this tech and the first post trial treatment is happening soon in southern CA. Dalai Grace, sometimes referred to as the Minister of Magic Is a Trainer of - Neuro-linguistic Programming (aka NLP) - Hypnotherapy, - Time Travel Embodiment, - and NLP Coaching. She created and facilitates the Psychedelic NLP training & certification program which integrates NLP techniques and higher states of consciousness through intentional use of higher states of consciousness, including those attained via psychedelics. As a Master NLP Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and intuitive, Dalai supports clients on their spiritual path so they can build and run businesses and relationships that take their lives to new levels. Her courses and programs support people to reclaim their personal power and life force energy from the past, upgrade their operating system, and teach them how to focus on the future and effectively create in every area of life!

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