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The Evolutionary

Oct 29, 2020

Christopher, AKA  “Chase” Carey spent 20 years in Corporate America holding executive and leadership positions in the Health Insurance and Consulting industries. As early as 1998 Chase was trying to bring mindfulness and meditation to the workplace.  

But the corporate world wasn’t ready yet, so Chase embarked on his own journey of discovery, studying extensively with The Monroe Institute in Virginia where he remains an active member of their Professional Division. He also trained with Harvey Grady of the Center for Human Potential,  and Drunvalo Melchizadek and other remarkable teachers. 

Through this, Chase developed a unique model for the understanding and elimination of fears that underlie stress, and the practice of something he calls Personal Self Integration where he utilizes a meditative technique to help people dialogue with their subconscious mind to make permanent, positive change in their lives. 

Chase is also a blackbelt in taekwondo and has written three books, on mindfulness, meditation and the application of martial arts philosophy into various aspects of modern life.   

His clients include the US Army, nursing organizations, national Insurance companies, engineering firms, and a major university business school.  Chase joined me for our chat from his home outside of Atlanta Georgia.