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The Evolutionary

Jan 14, 2021

Amy Hyatt has worked for over to decades as a Corporate Executive, currently in the tech sector.  She has traveled to 6 continents and has been privileged to receive healings and teachings from medicine people from around the world.  Her spiritual awakening occurred in 1995 during a trip to Egypt when she witnessed and felt the sacred geometry from the sun to the earth through the Abu Simbel Temple.  


For the last 25 year Amy has studies past life regressions, indigenous medicine, mysteries of ancient cultures, the importance of ceremony, sacred science, and the energetic lay lines of the earth.  She is a reiki master, advanced sound healer, and shamanic healer.  She attended and is an assistant at the Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies and resides in Portland, Oregon.  


In this episode Amy and I talk about spiritual awakenings in general, as well as her own, ancient temples, lay line work, and her initiation in wilderness through Lightsong.  


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