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The Evolutionary

Nov 11, 2022

There is a control drama playing out in our global society today.  It is a battle for control of our powers of creation.  There are forces that would like to control or subdue those powers, and those forces know that the easiest way to do so is to manipulate our worldview.  Retaking control of our worldview and the creative process that it informs is the most rebellious and defiant act we take at this critical time in human evolution; a time when we are faced with the simple choice to evolve or perish.  

Join host David Knox as he continues the deep exploration of the nature and function of worldview in our lives that was started in Solocast 8.  In that episode we discussed the role and function of worldview in our lives and the importance of taking control of it so that we can start evolving it with intention.  

In this episode we deepen that discussion and dive into a process that we can use to get control of our own worldview.  In doing so we will seek to answer questions like: What are the limiting beliefs that are keeping me from experiencing the life I would like to live and the world I would like to live in?  What are the aspects of my daily life that are reinforcing those beliefs?  How do I make intelligent choices about some changes I can make to shift my beliefs and change the way I experience life and the world around me? How do I make those changes in the most harmonious way possible?