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The Evolutionary

Feb 26, 2021

Description: Join Host David Knox as he gives an insightful recap of The Evolutionary Framework, a model of understanding our world that shows us how it is possible to live a Big, Bright, Beautiful, Sexy, Abundant Life and Heal The World...all in the same motion!  In this episode we reveal the Secret to The Secret, the truth about DNA, and the folly of Darwin.  We also discuss the foundational elements of intentional evolution, and learn the 7 factors that make this a very special time in human history, a time when your actions can change the world.  


And this is the fulcrum point in the season!  The rest of this season will be dedicated to The Evolutionary Dynamic, which David introduces in this episode.  The Dynamic shows us how we can each find our own highly unique evolutionary path, and then accelerate along that path through and ever expansive worldview, a fluid utility-based belief system, and through cultivating an open and active dialogue with the universal mind.  Other topics include self-love, surrender, intuition and discernment, desire, and a ruthless commitment to joy, bliss and ecstasy.