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The Evolutionary

Aug 26, 2021

Richelle Ricard is a massage therapist and bodyworker, a teacher of bodywork, yoga and anatomy, and the author of The Yoga Engineer's Manual. She has over 27 years experience in sports medicine, massage and energy-healing modalities, and education. She began teaching yoga formally in 2007 in Seattle. In 2008 she began developing anatomy curriculum for yoga teacher trainings and teaching across the western US and Canada, as well as programs in the UK. 

Richelle believes that while the physical body is far from the only thing we address in our yoga practice, it is one constant when we bring it to the mat for asana. She asserts that the individual body has particular limits that should be understood and honored if we are to pursue a sustainable, life-long asana practice. Her book sheds light on those limits, and proposes options for approaching both the practice and teaching of asana with clear eyes and an open mind.