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The Evolutionary

Mar 22, 2021

Molly Mandelberg and Chris Tomasso are the co-hosts of the hot new podcast, Reveal The Game Of Life.   I asked them to be on the show because one of the things we talk about ad nauseum on The Evolutionary is that we all have a highly unique evolutionary path and that finding/defining it and getting into motion along it will open up your life is so many ways, while also helping to heal the world.  This is because your evolution is the evolution of the species.  But moving along our path is sometimes easier said than done.  Every step of the journey has it gifts and challenges. And each must be received and addressed for each was sent as a guide (to quote Rumi)...So it is vital that we find the information or inspiration we need in those moments to continue on our journey.  Almost everyone is stuck on something in their life, and many are getting pulled under in some way.  Reveal the Game of Life, in my view, is a resource for people to a) get a hit of some good stuff in their day, and b) maybe get some wisdom that will get them through something that has been impeding their flow. 



Chris Tomasso excelled from a young age. It wasn't until adulthood that he realized the game of life was a little different than the academic world he had quickly mastered as a child. 

After searching and trying all kinds of tools, Chris found his way to a healing/awakening experience that changed everything. 

Life became a pleasure cruise in a way he had only dreamed about before. He lives in Hawaiian paradise and does gamification and transformational narrative consulting for businesses that do good in the world. 

After having his own direct experiences, (and 'getting' some powerful truths about the game of life) he loves to talk about what he's learned and the roundabout way he discovered his new reality. 


Molly Mandleberg is Not your average digital marketer, content creator, or business strategist, Molly runs her 6-figure business from her self-converted sprinter van, while traveling the world full-time. (i.e. living her dream)

She has been in the conversation of consciousness for a lifetime, (maybe more than one) as she was brought up believing in the Law of Attraction. 

Molly's awareness of the magic available to her has continued to expand and evolve. She's built her career on synthesizing that magic, with the practical tools of running a business, to support coaches and healers to go big.

When she's not gallivanting and being a boss, she makes art, writes books, and snuggles her chiweenie, Atreyu.