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The Evolutionary

Apr 23, 2024

François is an internationally known healer who specializes in traditional Amazonian lineages. He trained in the Peruvian Amazon for fifteen years under the guidance of the Quechua-Lamistas (Ketch-wah Lah-mee-stah), Aguarunas (awa-roon-ahs), and the Shipibo indigenous peoples. He has since been in practice leading ayahuasca retreats and plant medicine rituals in South America and building awareness for communities from the US, Europe, and Canada for more than ten years.


He comes as the most highly recommended practitioner by many accredited scholars in the field of psychedelic study and by leaders in organizations dedicated to research in these fields. François is a Reiki master healer and a Sun Dancer with the Dakota Tipi Nation of Canada.  And as if that wasn’t enough, He is also initiated in the Bwiti healing art and ceremonies of the Iboga tradition in Gabon by Maman Bernadette Ribiennot, AND he is part of the Native American Church of the Denee Nation. He brings these lineages and practices together in ceremony to provide a powerful healing transmission and awaken our western culture into a collective consciousness resonance rooted in everyday life reality. And…


François and his wife Kelly also started the Sacred Ways Foundation: A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the resilience of indigenous medicine traditions all over the world by providing direct funding to indigenous medicine families. 

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