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The Evolutionary

Mar 7, 2021

Most of you have heard of breatharianism, right?  It's where you don’t need food to live.  What about water?  What about sleep?  This one will expand your worldview!   


Kristina Pisani is a transformational neuro-coach.  Having repaired her injured  spine through a natural healing process she experientially discovered that the body does not need to receive any water or physical food from the OUTSIDE to live. The Body is a sustainable ecosystem by itself. This experience demonstrated the power of questioning and breaking through the mainstream paradigm. Kristina is helping people to become stable and centered in their inner joy, stillness,  and aliveness as an existing fundamental already inside by tapping into inner intelligence. There is an infinite source within each of us and instead of using and exploiting nature  and the external world, the time has come to learn to consciously manifest directly from it. She is a founder of a start-up called Science of Inner Intelligence or SII for short, and she joins us from smack in the middle of the mediterranean sea, from the beautiful island of Malta.