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The Evolutionary

Mar 14, 2021

Several years ago Kristina Pisani suffered a serious spinal injury.  Doctors wanted to fuse her spine together with titanium rods and screws.  Instead, Kristina listened to an inner knowing and embarked on a journey of what some would call a miraculous healing.  Since then Kristina has continued to explore and grow and has evolved past the need for physical food, water, or even sleep.   


She has discovered the potential of the human body to exist as a self-sustained ecosystem. 


Now Kristina is helping people to become stable and centred in their inner joy, stillness,  and aliveness by tapping into their inner intelligence. 


She is a founder of a start-up called Science of Inner Intelligence or SII for short, and she joins us from smack in the middle of the mediterranean sea, from the beautiful island of Malta.


You can contact Kristina at