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The Evolutionary

Feb 12, 2021

The results Eric gets are nothing short of amazing in terms of changing posture and gate, increasing strength and flexibility, and reducing or eliminating body pain.  

Eric Fair-Layman practices a meridian- and fascial-based form of body work performed on a mat (on the floor). He uses his feet to massage and then employs a series of dynamic resistance stretches to help create lasting change in your body.   He has also been trained to perform Integral Breathwork which combines rebirthing breathwork and abdominal massage, which can be integrated into a mat work session or into a table massage.  

Eric was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy and spent much of his childhood in physical therapy and wearing leg braces.  Beyond a general practice of being active and healthy that has always served him, the resistance stretches made the first significant difference for him with his physical limitations,  a difference that was not available even in yoga or Haitian Calisthenics.  


Eric lives in Portland, OR with his two children,  and enjoys travel, time in the woods and hopes to someday live closer to nature and to make a difference in the world across socioeconomic and cultural lines.    


Contact Eric or learn more at