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The Evolutionary

Jun 30, 2021

This week’s episode is an addendum to episode 56 with Dena Justice which was entitled The Frequency of Safety.   This discussion is a beautifully meandering conversation about all kinds of things.  We talk about the corona virus and its lessons for us about mental health and the feeling of safety.  We talk about the role that the frequency of safety plays in our evolution, and how we can come together to evolve as a species.   We also talk about Money, our relationship to it, and its relationship to our value system and then reveal the element we can install into our belief systems to draw more of it into our lives.  Then, we spend much of the episode talking about surrender and intention and how to resolve the seeming paradox of their necessary co-existence.  Finally, you’ll hear about a miracle that happened in Dena’s life and how to tune into the miracles that are happening in your life all of the time.  

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